There is an interesting area between nature and economics…

…it encompasses decisions that create or diminish nature’s benefits. Our individual needs to travel from one place to another accumulate to a collective demand for a large transportation infrastructure. Bridges span vast wetlands. Interstates drive straight through endangered species territory. Traditional and alternative energies form an additional network, routing power to where it’s needed.

On the positive side of the balance sheet, individuals are making choices to reduce their footprint on the environment. Governments are writing policies to deter actions that diminish natural services, or provide economic incentives for environmental stewardship. A niche for-profit industry is evolving to provide wetland and habitat restoration to mitigate unavoidable harm.

At the same time, businesses are increasingly considering their access to clean water, pollination services and other natural benefits… along with their impacts.

All of these scenarios involve individual decisions, corporate strategy and government policy. This is where Madsen Environmental works: to provide consulting services to enhance incentive-based environmental conservation and management.